Girl Scouts Heart of the South launch virtual parties and meetings

JACKSON, Tenn. — Girl Scouts Heart of the South is launching free virtual programs for girls and offering discounted memberships for families new to Girl Scouts.

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Their new “Discover Parties” and “Virtual Troop Meetings” are free to girls interested in becoming a Girl Scout.

The first “Discover Parties” session will begin May 26, where girls can learn how to make their own do-it-yourself lip gloss. Upcoming sessions include a variety of topics like creating edible slime, guided treasure hunts, making your own lava lamp and more.

Girls who want to know what it’s like to be in a Girl Scout troop can attend “Virtual Troop Meetings”. They will meet for a series of six-week sessions and offer a taste of what Girl Scouts do.

To answer demands for girls wanting to be part of the organization amid uncertain economic times, Girls Scouts is offering “Extended Year Memberships” for only $35. The membership is good through September 2021 and is available to families that are new to Girl Scouts. Adults who sign up will also receive a free gift.

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