Peabody High School seniors hold farewell parade

TRENTON, Tenn. — A local town is celebrating their high school seniors with a farewell parade.

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It’s a tradition for Peabody High School seniors to parade through the halls of their high school before graduating.

Due to classes being cancelled amid COVID-19, seniors are parading through the streets of Trenton instead.

Students say it’s special to have this final moment with their hometown before leaving for college.

“One more time for all of us to be together and just to see everybody. We haven’t seen each other since March,” said Peabody High School senior Charley Staser.

“I did have a blast. Of course I had my ups and downs, but I did have a blast here and I don’t regret any minute of it,” said Peabody High School senior Jonathan Siedler.

Peabody High School’s graduation will be held Friday night on the football field.

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