Hundreds line up for Ross reopening

JACKSON, Tenn.– West Tennesseans waited hours to get into Ross Dress For Less, as the company decided to reopen their doors Sunday morning.

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It’s a decision some shoppers have waited weeks for.

“We have been driving by like the past week, like every day, to see when is it going to open,” said shopper Lexi Hopper.

Once shoppers got wind of when the store would reopen, hundreds lined up at the door.

Sam Flagg said he waited in line with his daughter for an hour.

“Man, Ross is my spot. I got to go there. I represent Ross,” Flagg said. “They’ve got good bargains, and then they had a sale, so it’s real good.”

“I didn’t want to wait, but my mom wanted to stay, so I decided well I guess we can stay. It just took forever,” Hopper said.

Some shoppers said the outcome was worth the wait.

“I just got some shorts and, like, a few shirts for summer and, like, a jacket,” shopper Daili Bingham said.

And some say even if the store continues to have lines of waiting shoppers, they would still come back.

“I would come back. I would do it earlier, though, because I feel like it would be a little bit less of a wait,” Hopper said.

Ross’ corporate website says shoppers over the age of 55 will be able to shop for an hour earlier on Tuesdays.

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