Community celebrates Memorial Day at Beech Lake

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — It’s Memorial Day and many people are flocking out to local lakes and parks just to celebrate the holiday.

Beech Lake

People are out and about more than they have been over the last two months and many are enjoying a great time in the water celebrating Memorial Day.

“Just relaxing honestly, because we work seven days a week with this pandemic going on,” said Rachel Lomax, who is spending the day at Beech Lake. “Everybody works so much, it’s time to get a little bit of a break.”

Everyone is boating and swimming at Beech Lake in Lexington.

“Just for Memorial Day weekend, or day or week,” said Faith Hancock, who is also swimming at Beech Lake. “We are with our family and friends just swimming and having fun.”

Some even traveled from different parts of the state, just to come out and enjoy a fun day at the lake.

“We’re from Mumford in Tennessee but like closer to Memphis,” said Hancock.

People say it’s always a great time to get outdoors and enjoy quality time with friends and family, especially on a holiday.

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“My sister-in-laws, my boyfriend and his family had plans to come out so we came out here and just had a girls day,” said Lomax.

Most of the people at the lake say even though they are out having a great time, they are still following social distancing guidelines. This day has been known for many years as the kick off to all the summer activities. While it is a weekend of reflection for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, people turn this day into a BBQ’ing, fun in the sun day to spend time in the water on Beech Lake.

“Just spending some time with the family, you know, been in a lot of time in quarantine so now we are just, you know, wanting to stick together and hang out, celebrate the holiday,” said Kevis Buckley, who is spending the day with family at Beech Lake.

“Celebrating Memorial Day and remembering those soldiers that serve our country, how many years and we thank God,” said Terry Buckley.

“Celebrating Memorial Day with the family and loved ones,” said Kayla Buckley.

“I am here with my mom and my dad and my sister and my little girl was out here earlier and we are just out here,” said Kevis Buckley.

“We barbecuing ribs, barbecuing chicken, me and my wife with my kids and my granddaughter Skylar Buckley and we are just having some family time,” said Terry Buckley.

“Life is a lot different. Seems like from here moving forward, we are going to have to and really just kind of be cautious about our health in general. Just moving forward stay with your fam, stay safe and happy Memorial Day,” said Kevis Buckley.

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