City of Jackson, JPD announce steps taken to ensure safety

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson and the Jackson Police Department announced steps they are taking to ensure everyone’s safety.

A news release from the city says body cameras and training have been implemented in order to help protect both officers and citizens.

A body camera system has been in place with the police department over the last three years, according to the city.

“Safety and protection of our citizens is the number one priority of the police department,” Jackson Police Chief Julian Wiser said. “That applies to all, regardless if we are assisting a victim, witness or suspect. We will continue to build relationships, community partnerships and being engaged to make Jackson a stronger community.”

Officers have received training in less lethal tactics and have attended mandated training through the state for Just and Fair Policing, according to the release.

The city adds that it hopes to have every officer undergo Crisis Intervention Training.

To read the news release from the City of Jackson, click here.

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