Madison County finances: ‘We’re working hard to make this work’


MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — COVID-19 had a big impact on the economy in Madison County, but not as bad of an impact as expected.

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“For March, April, May and June, we were projecting as much as 50% decrease, based on the shutdown of businesses. However, with businesses able to open back up on May 4, we’re projecting a 10-12% decrease,” said Karen Bell, Madison County Finance Director.

The sheriff’s office is also moving money around, but it’s money they already have in the budget.

“To cover some overspent accounts, they transferred monies from line items that had money available to line items that needed funds,” Bell said.

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They approved $17,000 for the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department to cover overtime for three employees working during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jackson-Madison County Schools served 35,000 meals for students while schools were out and are now applying for the CARES Act. Tennessee is estimated to get $259 million from that act.

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The general fund in Madison County, after today’s amendments, sits at $4.63 million.

“We’re working hard to make this work. Looking at budgets. If people can learn to live with the budget they had this year, work our way through the coming year, we can get through this,” said chairman Gary Deaton.

They’re also keeping an eye on the gas tax, sales tax and the hotel/motel tax going into the next fiscal year.

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