Local man revives overdose victim with Narcan

JACKSON, Tenn. — A normal Monday morning turned into a life saving mission.

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Adam Roe was coming home from dropping off his daughter at daycare Monday morning.

Driving down North Highland, he saw a man laying on the sidewalk and decided to turn around and check on him.

“I seen in his bag, there was paraphernalia in there and his right sleeve was rolled up,” Roe said. “I put two and two together and grabbed Narcan out of the truck and injected it into him. Within a minute he was coming to, he was alert.”

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Roe says it’s thanks to Dianne Sherrod he had the Narcan in the first place.

“I try to get Narcan into the hands of anyone who is at high risk, or is with someone who is at high risk,” Sherrod said.

Sherrod is one of 20 regional overdose prevention specialists in Tennessee.

She says she goes to high risk areas in Jackson to make sure those people have the Narcan and know how to use it.

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“We’re in the perfect storm, closed borders, unemployment, additional money being given to us by the government which only feeds an addict’s addiction,” Sherrod said.

And Roe says he knows how important having Narcan can be. He overdosed four years ago and was unconscious for 16 minutes.

“And for a mom with her son lifeless in her arms, it’s heartbreaking to her thinking her son isn’t on this earth anymore,” Roe said. “She was praying to God over me. Hoping I would come back to life.”

Roe said within five minutes, the man was fully awake and even refusing medical treatment from the ambulance.

“I didn’t think I’d use it this soon,” Roe said. “I got it from her a couple of weeks ago, but for me to use it and actually bring this guy back. It felt good.”

If you or someone you know needs help with any kind of substance abuse, call one of the resources below for further assistance.

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