Jackson Exchange Club honors 2019 “Man of the Year”

JACKSON, Tenn. — Every year, the Jackson Exchange Club honors one man who has shown dedication and service to their community with the “Man of the Year” award. The 2019 award went to Richard Barber.

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“I’m not deserving. When I see that list of names. To be added to that list is just really humbling,” said Barber.

Barber is known for his role as Executive Director for Aspell Recovery Center where he has been since 2005.

“The biggest thing is my work at Aspell,” said Barber. “And it’s more than, you know, showing up for work. It’s a passion. I do it 24/7.”

Barber has dedicated a lot of his time in helping treat addiction in teens and adults, but says it’s the people who he works with that truly deserve recognition.

“You know I’m the public face, but I’m not the one. You know I get way too much credit for what happens there,” said Barber.

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He says he’s thankful to the Exchange Club for the recognition.

“So much good work they do in the community,” said Barber. “And I’m just humbled that they think I’m worthy of that honor.”

The annual “Man of the Year” ceremony is an Exchange Club tradition dating back to the mid-1940s.

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