Parents, students express concerns over returning to school

JACKSON, Tenn. — What will the return to school look like for students in the fall as the the coronavirus pandemic continues?

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“Somebody is going to have it and then they’re going to cough, then school is going to cancel again,” said student Kelaend Bradley.

The pandemic has many parents and students questioning what the next steps are for returning to school or if it will even be an option.

“I definitely think we need to look at additional safety precautions, the safety precautions such as encouraging good hygiene,” said Beth Parnell, who has a son at Pope Elementary School.

“Are you going to sanitize your hands going in, coming out? Are the teachers going to wear mask when they teach? What’s the plan?” said mother Whitney Billingsley.

“There is nothing that can compare to a teacher working in person with a student,” Parnell said.

She said, with the right plans in place, she would allow her son to go back to school.

“The numbers that we have in Madison County, that it’s safe to go back to school with additional health and safety precautions,” Parnell said.

Billingsley said her kids are in different grades, so it is a decision she’ll need to think about.

“Are you testing the kids? How long is it going to take them to check in? Is everybody getting their temperature checked every morning, or is that something you’re going to do?” Billingsley said.

“So I’m scared a little bit, because you don’t know who has it and many people might have it,” said student Carter Kemp.

Parents and students said they’re afraid of the unknown.

“There are several concerns that I have with virtual learning. One is the lack of access to technology needed,” Billingsley said.

Leaders with the Jackson-Madison County School System are discussing these concerns and looking for alternative ways to return students to school safely.

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