Community gathers to celebrate, honor Elbert Williams

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Saturday, members of the Brownsville community held a memorial in honor of a man that gave his life to vote.

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It was 80 years ago that Elbert Williams was murdered in his quest to register to vote. Local elected officials and members of the NAACP gathered at East Main Street.

For Saturday’s 80th anniversary celebration, they celebrated by sharing the untold story of Williams.

Brownsville Mayor William Rawls also spoke at the event.

“74 years before I was elected, he sacrificed his life for the right to vote, and I think it’s important that we recognize the sacrifices been made, that come before us give us a right to vote. People aren’t exercising their ability to vote, even in the midst of what’s going on today. Think it’s the most powerful thing we can do,” Mayor Rawls said.

Mayor Rawls encourages people to register for the census, vote and take part in the political process.

The event was sponsored by the Tennesseans for Historical Justice and Haywood County Branch of the NAACP.

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