Governor Lee, TN health department provide statewide update on COVID-19

NASHVILLE — With rising numbers of cases, the commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Health gives an update on COVID-19 across the state.

Tennessee Coronavirus Covid 19

Monday we saw 451 new cases of COVID-19 in Tennessee. That’s out of 14,500 tests.

The average number of daily cases is also up. The past 14 days it was 615. The 14 days before that, it was 450.

The state is also preparing hot spot plans as cities start seeing spikes in the number of active coronavirus cases across the state.

“Most recently we’ve seen increases in Wilson and Hamblin Counties, and we’ll start developing those plans for those spots,” said Dr. Lisa Piercey, TN Department of Health Commissioner.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said the most important data they’re looking at is the death rate and hospitalization rate.

As of Tuesday morning, the hospitalization rate across the state was 4.9%.

“There’s personal responsibility. We know, as a society, what causes this, how it’s spread, and how we can protect ourselves from,” Governor Lee said.

And Governor Lee says the data they’re most focused on has changed from the beginning of the pandemic to now.

“We know a lot more today than we did before, the decision making process is different,” Governor Lee said. “Decisions are made from data on the ground than based on what might happen.”

Dr. Piercey says 50% of all positive COVID-19 cases in Tennessee are now coming from unknown sources.

“This unknown source tells us we have more community spread. So that reemphasizes the point of when you’re moving about, and we want you moving about, to do it safely,” Dr. Piercey said.

Meaning wash your hands, practice social distancing and wear a face covering when you’re out in public.

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