Investigators find toddler in cage, animals, drugs in Henry Co. trailer

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. -A toddler is locked in a cage at a Henry County trailer.


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“It’s hard to find something that will shock my conscious that says ‘oh my God I’ve never seen this before,'” said Henry Co. Sheriff Monte Belew.

The toddler’s mother 42-year-old Heather Scarbough was arrested along with the child’s stepfather, 46-year-old T.J. Brown and 82-year-old Charles Brown.

“The looks of the kennel you can tell the child stays in there a lot, so we announced our presence and entered the trailer and as we entered the trailer you can see a lot of things going on inside the trailer,” said Belew.

Not only are they facing charges of child neglect, Henry County Sheriff deputies found more than 700 animals in and around their trailer including dogs, snakes, mice and chicken living in poor conditions.

“Thousands of cockroaches and maggots. The kitchen is unlivable,” said Belew.

Yet, there’s more.

“As the investigation went on, we discovered the subject has a marijuana grown there as well. We wound seizing over 127 marijuana plants. We also seized over from the premises 17 guns,” said Belew.


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Investigators say the charges ranges from child abuse, animal abuse, weapons, and more.

“The truth is we never know what our neighbors next door are doing and it’s important that this serves as a warning and reminder to everyone to keep an eye out,” said District Attorney Micheal Stowe.

Child protective services are taking care of the child for now. Investigators say there are so many charges pending, that they are “too numerous to count”.


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