Multiplying Good: Steve and Donna Smith

June’s Multiplying Good honorees are a local couple who owns “Touching Hearts at Home,” a home-care service for older adults and seniors. Since the pandemic, they’ve touched hearts in a new way.

The smell of popcorn may remind you of pre-Covid-19 times at the movies; an activity that seems like a thing of the past during stay-at home guidelines. However, home care-giving owners Steve and Donna Smith say an idea popped into their mind to change this.

“We just had a special passion to try and help people that were quarantined. We wanted to contribute in a small way. When you’re shackled and quarantined, little things can make a big difference,” said Steve Smith.

Little things like popcorn from the Ritz 3 Cinema in Milan.

“It’s the greatest inSteve And Donna Smith America!,” said Steve Smith describing the popcorn.

The couple delivered popcorn to people that may need it most: seniors living at Wesley Fountain and Dogwood Pointe Assisted Living facilities.

“Because they need this and somebody needs to help,” said Steve Smith.

“We just kind of wanted to do something to brighten their day,” said Donna Smith.

Ritz 3 Cinema owners donated the treats.

“We were already trying to find ways to put smiles on people’s faces,” said co-owner of Ritz 3, Sherry Crooke.

Steve and Donna also delivered ice cream. Due to social distancing guidelines, the Smith’s unfortunately could not see the seniors reactions, but they knew one thing for sure…

“Most seniors love popcorn! They love any kind of freebie,” laughs Steve Smith.

Assisted Living caregivers agree.

“They were super excited! Popcorn made their day and ice cream made their day,” said a caregiver.

“We’re just overjoyed because to have real theater popcorn was so much fun for them,” said Cathy Nelson, Eldercare Advisor.

You never know when an idea pops into your mind and it can make someone’s day.
Thanks to this couple’s selfless act, people are smiling a little bigger.

“We haven’t forgotten about them and people are still thinking about them,” said Donna Smith.

Steve and Donna plan to deliver more popcorn and ice cream to seniors. Touching Hearts donated goodie bags to people who participated in blood drives. They also supply their clients and staff with masks and hand sanitizer.

Ritz 3 Cinema owners delivered popcorn to local hospital patients and staff for a month at no charge.

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