Coronavirus cases rise in Madison County

JACKSON, Tenn. – After 18 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Madison County on Tuesday bringing the county-wide number to 260 patients since the start of the pandemic, West Tennessee Healthcare has also updated the number of patients they currently have in the hospital.

“We are in good shape as far as personal protective equipment goes and ventilators and those types of things. But it is definitely concerning because we are continuing to to see the number of cases rise everyday,” said Amy Garner, chief compliance and communications officer with West Tennessee Healthcare.

Tuesday morning West Tennessee Healthcare had 35 COVID-positive patients throughout West Tennessee Healthcare. Thirteen of those patients are in the ICU, and seven of them are on ventilators.

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At Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, 28 patients are currently being treated, with 10 in ICU and five on ventilators.

Garner also gave an update on the total number of employees returning to work since the furloughs were put in place.

“The vast majority of our employees have gone back to work. I think we still have less than 200 that are still furloughed at this time, but we’ve put everybody back to work,” Garner said.

The other seven patients are being treated at a hospital in Dyersburg where three patients are in the ICU and two are on ventilators.
West Tennessee Healthcare shows that system-wide, there are 297 beds available with 163 of those at Jackson General. 25 ICU beds are open with 10 of those at Jackson General as well. In total, 51 ventilators are still available throughout the hospital system.

Hospital leaders say the pandemic may also have an impact on the 2021 capital and operating budget.

“It’s hard to predict going forward what things are going to look like next year. So we are going to assume that we get into normal situation at some point, but we will be able to adjust if things do not pan out the way that we think that they are going to,” said Garner.

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