Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program provides WIC participants with fresh food

JACKSON, Tenn. — A program is helping people have access to fresh foods.

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Starting Wednesday, WIC participants can get $30 to spend at a local farmer’s market. It’s all thanks to the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program.

“It’s a great program because it actually provides fresh fruit and vegetables for local families,” said Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department Public Information Officer Mallory Cooke.

Farmers do have to qualify through the WIC office to be a part of the program, then you just look for the WIC sign at their stand to know if you can use a voucher.

WIC participants will be getting 6 $5 vouchers to use at farmer’s markets across the state, including the West TN Farmer’s Market in Jackson. You can pick up those vouchers curbside at the WIC office in Jackson or have them mailed to you.

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Curbside pick up also starts at the WIC office on Wednesday. They have designated spots set up, so all you have to do is pull up, call the number on the sign, tell them which spot you’re in and they’ll bring it out to you.

But why is access to fresh fruits and vegetables so important?

“Fresh fruits and vegetables are incredibly important because we want folks to maintain a healthy weight and eat right and staying active are all good things that help you live longer and stay healthy,” Cooke said.

These vouchers can only be used through July and August.

Again, those vouchers can be used at any farmer’s market across the state. Just make sure the farmer is approved for the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program.

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