Community reacts to mask mandate

JACKSON, Tenn. — A mask mandate goes into effect Saturday, meaning you’ll be required to wear a mask where ever you go.

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Madison County business owners are preparing for the city and county’s new mask mandate.

“We will take every precaution we need to take to make sure that everyone is safe; employees as well as customers,” said owner Leah Daniel of LD2 Consignment Boutique.

Officials announced beginning at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, July 4, people going into local businesses will be required to wear a mask. That includes all public buildings, grocery stores, restaurants and retail stores.

According to Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department Director Kim Tedford, business owners can be cited if their customers don’t wear face masks while shopping in their stores.

“As the numbers have risen, I see the importance of it. At this point, I think that is important that all of the local businesses make sure that they have masks,” Daniel said.

There are exceptions including kids under two years of age, people sitting down to eat at a restaurant, and places of worship.

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“I think it should be a good idea just to help the COVID-19 to just get the cases down,” said Madison County resident Baron Jimmerson.

“Just because it pertains to you personally doesn’t mean it’s not going to impact somebody else,” said Madison County resident Brent Scarbrough.

“It really protects us, because with us wearing a mask, we could get sick and there is a lot of elderly people, sick people and we don’t know who is who,” said Madison County resident Chris Ellis.

We also spoke with some, who didn’t want to speak on camera. They told us they feel they should they should have the choice of whether to wear a mask or not.

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