Snake attacks driver traveling along highway

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA (CBS Newspath) — When a police officer in Australia stopped a driver for speeding on June 15, he didn’t expect to hear this.

“You found a snake in your car?” the officer asked.

“There was a brown — it’s in the back of the tray mate,” the driver said.

Snake Attack

The 27-year-old driver told the officer he was driving about 60mph when the snake started to attack.

“I just started to brake, and the more I moved my legs, the more — because it’s pretty big, it started to wrap around me. And then its head just started striking at the chair.”

The police said the driver used a seat belt and a knife to fight off the snake.

It was an eastern brown snake, one of the deadliest in the world, according to police.

The driver thought he had been bitten, but paramedics determined that was not the case.

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