Election officials see increased turnout during early voting

JACKSON, Tenn. — Early voting started July 17, and since then, election officials say they’ve seen a new trend.

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“At this point, last time, four years ago in the same type of election, we were at 2,663,” Madison County Administrator of Elections Kim Buckley said. “We just passed the 4,000 mark in early voting today, so we’re far ahead of where we were in this same type of election we held four years ago.”

Early voting for the state primary and county general election is more than halfway finished.

“I would say that the COVID-19 virus may have a certain impact on that. I feel like maybe people think, ‘Well, I better go vote because what if I get sick or what if a family member gets sick?'” Buckley said.

Buckley says at least 510 of those early votes were mail-in ballots.

If you’re interested in voting absentee, your time is running out.

“Thursday, I believe, is the 30th, and that’s the last day we can mail out a ballot,” Buckley said.

She also wants to remind voters of a few things.

You may see school board election signs in your district, but it may not apply to you.

“Sometimes, voters don’t understand that not every school board district has an election this time,” Buckley said. “This is not the presidential election. A lot of our voters are showing up and calling for an absentee ballot, and they’re wanting to vote in the presidential election. We promise that’s coming in October and November, but not right now.”

Early voting ends Saturday, August 1.

Election Day is Thursday, August 6.

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