Preteen Miss Tennessee donates mattresses to Trenton Fire Department

TRENTON, Tenn. — 7th grader and beauty queen Erika Lowery raised funds to donate five mattresses to her local fire department.


Erika currently holds the Preteen Miss Tennessee 2019 title with Miss US Pageantry.

After learning the Trenton Fire Department was in need of new mattresses for their beds at the station, Erika jumped into action, asking people to help with donations.

With the help of the community, she was able to raise over $500 to purchase the new mattresses.

Erika and her family delivered them to the firefighters on duty on Wednesday, July 29.


Erika, a student at Trenton Rosenwald Middle School, operates her own platform called E.R.I.K.A., which stands for Encouraging Really Incredible Kindness Always.

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