Q&A answers questions for JMCSS parents

JACKSON, Tenn. — Local leaders discussed back-to-school plans and what classes may look like.

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The Jackson-Madison County School System has released its re-opening plan, as well as learning options for students that include traditional in-person learning, virtual classroom and CyberSchool.

The live Q&A was held on Facebook, with parents voicing their concerns. It also featured leaders from the health department, businesses and the school system.

The hour long session was held to help parents make the best decision for back-to-school.

Some of the questions included the dress code policy for those attending school online.

“We are asking that you are appropriately dressed, and also you need to use your device or school issued device in common area in the home, like a living room and the dining room,” said JMCSS Chief of Staff Greg Hammond.

Questions also included wearing masks and buying school supplies. Parents were encouraged to buy school supplies even if the student is taking classes online.

Health leaders say it’s important for parents to send their child to school wearing a mask.

“Certainly we are not in good place right now in our community. You can just look at the last 28 days, and 28 days ago we were probably in the 600’s and today we are pushing 1,000,” said Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department Director Kim Tedford.

The conversation also included questions about internet access for those students who live in areas like Mercer and Beech Bluff, where internet access is poor.

Questions about students with health problems and special needs students were discussed.

For parents who missed the live Q&A session, that video can be found on theCO’s Facebook page.

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