Tax-free weekends draws in back-to-school shoppers

JACKSON, Tenn. — The beginning of the school year is right around the corner.

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Whether your kids will be back in the classroom or taking classes online, parents are still shopping for back-to-school supplies during tax-free weekend.

At Academy Sports and Outdoors, parents are buying shoes and clothes for their kids.

“Mostly, you know, just thinking the kids are going back to school, trying to get them, you know, kind of get them new clothes, new shoes, hoping to get back to school,” said shopper Page Rikard.

“Some clothes and trying to get the tax-free weekend,” said shopper Belinda Tole.

Some of the parents say it is the perfect opportunity to stock up and save some cash while preparing for the new school year.

“I mean it’s back to school and we are usually a one stop place to get everything you need. We have footwear, that seems to be busy right now. Apparel as well. It’s catching up with that. I see a lot of customers with hands full of items,” said Academy Sports and Outdoors Manager Jeffrey McCartney.

Over at Target, shoppers say they are also looking for school supplies, clothes and electronics.

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“For my youngest I had to get, I feel like I spent $150 on my youngest. A book bag, canvas bag, filler paper and graphing paper. Glue stick and pencils,” said shopper Natasha Smith. “I wish I had gotten up earlier. I missed out on a lot of stuff. I still have to go and get uniforms.”

On a regular day, you’d usually spend a lot of money on back-to-school items, but parents say with tax-free weekend, they are happy they saved a couple hundred dollars.

“I would say maybe two or three hundred dollars because this computer was a little bit cheaper than my other one and it does everything she needs for the school. She is going virtual,” said shopper Crystal Smith.

“Especially with four kids, two in private and two in public. It saves me a lot. A lot of money actually,” Smith said.

Tax-free weekend runs through Sunday.

The next tax-free weekend is August 7 through August 9, and it focuses on restaurant sales.

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