Jackson church celebrates ‘Love Week’

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church is doing something very special for the West Tennessee community.

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Members with SoulQuest Church say they just wanted to give back and show how special the community is to them.

It’s Love Week for the church and members were out helping local non-profit organizations in West Tennessee, like Habitat for Humanity, Regional Inter-Faith Association, Area Relief Ministries and more.

“This past week we have been out in Jackson, Lexington, Milan, Medon, eight different organizations,” said SoulQuest Operations Pastor Hal Johnson. “Just serving these organizations through what we call Love Week. We just love to share the love of Jesus.”

It’s called “The Biggest Sunday Ever.” The church had its usual Sunday service.

For first to 12th grade students, school supplies were handed out to kids. Book bags and plastic bags were filled with notebooks, pencils and paper.

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“What we are doing is giving away as many school supplies to as many families as we can,” Johnson said.

Johnson says many families are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the church hopes to spread a little love, cheer and hope for the community.

“We know school is getting ready to get cranked up again and kids will be back in the classroom, and some of these families may not be able to come up with the school supplies, so we are going to try to take care [of] as many families as possible here today,” Johnson said.

Another service was held prior, where school supplies were also given out to kids who attended.

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