VFW shows appreciation to Gibson Co. first responders

TRENTON, Tenn. — Veterans in one county honored those on the front lines.

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The Veterans of Foreign Wars in Trenton honored first responders in a fun way.

“For us as veterans, we know how important it is to fight for our country, and that’s what they do everyday,” said Trenton VFW Fundraising Committee Chairman Robert Blurton. “It’s our turn to show them some support. They’ve always supported us.”

Veterans came together to support another group of people on what Blurton calls “the front lines of our country.”

The VFW in Trenton held the first annual First Responders Appreciation Day for EMS, police and firefighters working in Gibson County.

First responders and the public were invited out for a silent auction, demonstrations and other fun.

Earlier in the day, public officials spoke at the appreciation.

Attendees also enjoyed barbecue, which first responders enjoyed free.

“The only reason for doing this today was to thank our first responders for everything they do for us,” Blurton said.

He feels that support for first responders across the country is decreasing. He says that is not the case in Gibson County.

“It’s not like that here. In Gibson County, we love our first responders. We love our first responders. We love our police officers, firefighters and EMS. Without them, we’d be in trouble.”

Blurton said all proceeds from the event benefit Milan Police Department’s Shop With a Cop, and help buy emergency relief items for firefighters to keep on them for victims when they go to a devastating fire.

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