Milan prepares for students returning to school

MILAN, Tenn. — School’s back in session for some students in West Tennessee starting this week.

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Milan students going to school in-person will see some changes as they walk back into their schools.

“Ultimately, our goal is to try and make sure that our students are welcomed and loved when they come back. They’ll teach some new routines we traditionally haven’t had to do, but we’re going to have school,” Milan director of schools Jonathan Criswell said.

Some Milan students will soon fill the hallways masked up and in a socially distanced manner starting Monday for the first day of the 2020-2021 school year.

Milan director of schools Jonathan Criswell says it will look a lot like normal, but with a few changes.

If you’re dropping off your student, you’re asked to be as patient as possible.

“It will be the first time that we’re taking temperatures, making sure that we do that protocol correctly, and then getting them in the building safely and securely,” Criswell said.

For bus riders, you’ll have to wear a mask while riding and get your temperature taken before getting on.

If a student has a fever, they’ll either go home or go to the school nurse on a separate bus.

There’s also adjustments to the bus routes.

“We’ve added extra bus routes to make sure that we can spread out even more so than what’s traditional, and added a couple of extra routes,” Criswell said.

When students get inside, they can expect more hand washing and social distancing.

Students are asked to bring their own water bottle if possible.

The district also has plans in place if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19.

“If you’re sick, and become a positive case of coronavirus, you have so many days out and certain protocols that you follow,” Criswell said.

“We also have extensive seating charts on the bus and in the classroom, and should a student or teacher test positive, there’s certain things that automatically go into place,” Criswell said.

School officials will go over the seating guide, and contact the local health department to make sure parents are notified of any positive case in the district, and if their student was in close contact with the person.

Another major change for the school year is the school day schedule.

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“We’re dismissing an hour earlier than normal, that way it allows us to reduce a couple of transitions during the day,” Criswell said, “but it also allows our teachers to be able to plan for virtual learning in the afternoon, and open that up for contact time for them to have office hours.”

Criswell said 25% of students in the district opted for virtual learning.

“Our virtual students will have the opportunity to get lunch from the school. Every Monday we’ll provide five days worth of food for those families, just to make sure they’re taken care of as well,” Criswell said.

Speaking of lunch, students in the buildings will have new lunch protocols.

Elementary students will eat in the classroom.

Middle and high schoolers will eat in the cafeteria and other large areas in the school to help with social distancing.

“We’re very excited to have students back tomorrow,” Criswell said.

Each student will also get two masks from the school district.

Students in Bradford and Trenton will also start school on Monday.

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