Help is here for small businesses in West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — Small businesses in West Tennessee are working hard to stay open during the pandemic.

“Small businesses are the economic backbone of our city, of our county, of our state,” Monique Merriweather, Director of the Small Business Development Center in Jackson, said.

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Merriweather says there are at least 100 small businesses in Jackson alone.
So they obviously play a big part in the economy. But during the pandemic, many have had to tap into their creativity to keep the money coming in over the past four months.

“Restaurants that used to be you just come in and sit down to have a meal, now they’re offering the delivery services,” Merriweather said.

The Small Business Development Center serves nine different counties in West Tennessee.
And they’re not just seeing existing businesses getting creative.

“In the Medina area, we have a drive-thru convenience store that’s being opened,” Merriweather said. “We have a business in Bolivar that’s providing fresh produce-type shakes.”

Getting help from the business development center is now even easier.Screen Shot 2020 08 11 At 12.16.41 Pm

“We have the resources, we have the team, we have the staff available to help you do that. We have eliminated every excuse you can think of. ‘It’s too expensive.’ Well, we don’t charge,” Merriweather said.

And for customers, shopping local helps keep tax dollars in your city and county, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

To sign up for counseling or other services the Small Business Development Center offers, call (731) 424-5389.

They’re conducting everything virtually or over the phone.

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