Five-year-old’s lemonade stand earns $300 for local school

GREENFIELD, Tenn. —  A five-year-old in Greenfield has made a hefty donation to her local school.

With help from her mom and dad, Emma Kail started a lemonade stand on June 1, called Sassy E’s.

“We named it Sassy E’s because Emma’s nickname is Sassy in our house,” said Katie Kail, mother of Emma Kail.

The stand provided free samples and special treats to those who visited.

Emma Kail said she wanted to donate all of her earnings to Greenfield School’s kindergarten.

“We’re so thankful for our school and are truly blessed with some of the best educators and staff around. We’re looking forward to a great year!” Katie Kail said.

She was able to donate $300 to the school as of last week.

The Sassy E’s lemonade stand was inspired by the lemonade-themed dress – complete with yellow tutu – that arrived in the mail.

To read the full announcement from Weakley County Schools, click here.

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