Dyersburg officer injured while attempting to arrest fugitive

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — A Dyersburg police officer was injured Monday while attempting to arrest a fugitive from Illinois.

According to a news release, the officer, who is not being identified, responded to a report of a theft near Sellars Drive.

The officer spoke with an individual, later identified as 50-year-old John Hughes, who gave the officer a fake name, date of birth, and social security number. The release says the officer attempted to arrest Hughes for criminal impersonation, when Hughes pushed the officer and attempted to run.

Hughes was taken to the ground and allegedly made multiple attempts to get the officer’s gun from his holster, according to the release.

The release says Hughes then punched the officer in the head and continued to attempt to get the officer’s gun. The individual who initially reported the theft attempted to pull Hughes off the officer, and Hughes bit the individual, according to the release.

The officer was eventually able to deploy his taser, and Hughes was arrested, according to the release.

Hughes is wanted in Jackson County, Illinois for larceny, and by the State of Illinois Department of Corrections for violation of parole. He is also facing charges in Dyersburg for aggravated assault, resisting arrest, assault, and criminal impersonation.

Another individual, Ashley Curtis, was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with filing false reports and accessory after the fact for allegedly lying to officers during the investigation. Investigators say Curtis knew Hughes’ identity and that he was wanted.

The officer was taken to Dyersburg Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for head injuries and released. Hughes was also treated at Dyersburg Regional Medical Center and released into police custody.

Dyersburg Police Chief Isbell issued the following statement:
“We are grateful that our officer is going to be okay, and thankful for the assistance from the brave person who rendered aid to him. There were several individuals that were watching this attack, and watched our officer in a fight for his life doing all he could do to keep his weapon secured while being struck in the head. Some of those individuals took their phones and recorded the attack while yelling at the officer offering no assistance or even a call for help. At least one person is observed on body camera footage attempting to assist Hughes while trying to pull the Good Samaritan off of Hughes. We will continue the investigation and additional individuals may be charged. It was clear what this fugitive’s intentions were, while it is alarming that the other individuals were more concerned with recording on their phones.”
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