RIFA approved to receive $60,000 in Community CARES Program grants

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Tennessee Community CARES Program just announced $150 million in grants to various non-profit organizations across the state to help counter the effects of COVID-19.

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One of those non-profits is Regional Inter-Faith Association, who will receive about $60,000.

“To put that in perspective, we here at RIFA say $100 can provide 120 meals, so when you multiply that out that’s over 72,000 meals that will be served through this funding,” Gracie Sloan, marketing and events coordinator for RIFA, said.

Families across the region have dealt with food insecurity as the economic impacts of COVID-19 were felt in every household.

The pandemic also effected how much food RIFA received in donations, so the organization is planning to use every penny of the grant money to buy food.

“This year has just looked so different because we have lost tens of thousands of pounds of food that would typically be donated,” Sloan said.

The grant also comes at a perfect time for RIFA, now that they have a clear marker set for 2020.

“We actually have set a goal throughout the month of September to raise 100,000 pounds of food, and so this just puts us one large step closer to that goal,” Sloan said.

RIFA still has to go through some steps to receive that full grant amount, but the approval is a huge first step.

“The magnitude of the impact that can have on our community is so overwhelming and we’re so grateful,” Sloan said.

RIFA says they plan to continue to apply for grants throughout the year.

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