Partly Cloudy With A Few Storms

Good Morning West Tennessee:  Friday, September 11 —

Well, we start the morning off once again in the 60s. The biggest difference being the level of humidity is higher overall. The main cold front that has been the focus of showers and storms across the Plains will continue moving southward towards West Tennessee today as an upper level low pressure system moves from the upper Plains ENE towards the Great Lakes. The frontal boundary will be weak, but present starting this afternoon. Storms are expected to be more numerous this weekend. As for today, temps will climb through the 70s and 80s. It will top out around 90s today with heat index between 92-95. A few isolated storms will be possible today as moisture continues slowly deepening. Most activity should diminish with sunset with the lack of any adequate shear or cold air aloft.
Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
Instagram: @moeshamelltv

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