Jackson-Madison County School officials explain return to in-person learning

JACKSON, Tenn. — Changes are happening again within the Jackson-Madison County School System, with plans to return to in-person learning.

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“After thoughtful collaboration among district principals, Superintendent Dr. Marlon King’s executive team and local health officials, JMCSS will begin a transitional approach to traditional instruction beginning Monday, September 21st,” said JMCSS’s chief of staff and public information, Greg Hammond.

After the switch to virtual learning began in August, students now will have the option to return back to a normal learning environment.

“We don’t want anyone to feel like they have to come back to school in-person,” Hammond said. “This is for those families who chose the in-person learning option.”

Students who originally signed up for in-person learning in August will be able to return next week.

Those who did not will continue virtual learning until October 26, after the fall break.

The students who do go back to in-person next week will have staggered schedules, which will vary per grade level.

The transition will be slow, and not everyone is expected to return to in-person learning for the semester.

“It takes time to recover, and one of the things that I wanted to make certain that we were fully aware of or that we were very mindful of is the recovery,” said Superintendent Dr. Marlon King.

Classes will be held four days a week. Friday will be for distance learning.

“This gives teachers that opportunity to work individually with students, to reinforce skills and provide enrichment as well,” said JMCSS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Vivian Williams.

With this new plan in place, they do expect to still follow CDC guidelines of social distancing when possible, and of course, continuous sanitation.

Masks are also required on a case by case basis.

“So I think it’s important that parents really think what is the best option for learning for their children,” King said.

JMCSS will also have before and after care programs available for students beginning Sept. 21.

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