Local law enforcement officers learn a new set of skills

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Law enforcement officers in Madison County got a new kind of training on Wednesday, and it was to teach them about how impaired driving cases are prosecuted.

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The Cops in Court program is funded by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office, and is an eight hour training session.

District Attorney Jody Pickens explained how the training can help officers prepare for a court case. 

It also included mock trial presentations in which officers experienced a direct and cross examination.

“It’s basically how to tell, to help give them pointers and clues about how to explain to juries what they did, why they did and why it should’ve been important to them when they’re evaluating a DUI case as a juror,” said Pickens.

The Tennessee District Attorney’s Conference helped organize Wednesday’s training session, and they hope to continue that training for other departments across the state.

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