Tooth fairy visits Parsons following successful blood drive

PARSONS, Tenn. — The tooth fairy visited Parsons on Wednesday.

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Decatur County Middle School met their blood drive goal this past Thursday. When the students arrived at school, they were greeted by someone new.

“I told the students if we had 50 donors I would dress up as the tooth fairy,” said Decatur County Middle School Principal Keith Walker.

The middle school hosts a blood drive twice a year. This time the staff looked for ways to get their students and parents more involved, so Walker dressed up as the tooth fairy.

“The cars were coming through this morning. It was worth it, seeing the smiles,” Walker said. “And some of the staff have really gotten a kick out of it.”

Lifeline Blood Services parked at the school from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., giving the teachers six hours to get 10 more people to donate blood than the previous drive.

“I think at 5:58 p.m., I was informed we had our 50th person, so here I am,” Walker said.

Walker was was informed of a blood shortage the day before and put the information on the school’s website and Facebook page. He says the school got an incredible response.

“This particular year they went above and beyond. My staff and students really stepped out,” Walker said.

The next blood drive is planned to be sometime in February, and Walker mentioned this time he might camp out on the roof for the kids to reach an even higher goal.

“I have not given the number yet, so I’m going to be cautious on the number this time,” Walker said.

He says the number of participants for February will be even higher if he agrees to sleep on the roof.

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