City to allow Waste Management contract to expire in 2021

JACKSON, Tenn. — There’s some new changes for garbage pick up in Jackson.

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The Waste Management contract is up in July of next year. Mayor Scott Conger says they have decided not to renew the contract and give more responsibilities to the city and citizens.

The contract will include things that can be helpful to workers and the citizens, such as curbside pickup and accessibility for people with different disabilities.

The City of Jackson said Waste Management breached a 2016 trash pickup contract, causing them to not pick up “bulky waste.”

To make sure the contract is being upheld, the city is taking a different approach.

“The responsibilities weren’t very defined,” Mayor Conger said. “And then we had some things in there that we’re going to also remove out and let kind of the construction and temporary dumpsters be open market, instead of everything being exclusive,” Mayor Conger said.

He says they also hope to implement a new city-wide recycling program.

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