Parade held for football coach’s 100th win


GTON, Tenn. — Students and family showed their appreciation for a high school football coach on Saturday.

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Lexington High School Head Football Coach Bryant Hollingsworth won his 100th game for the Tigers.

To celebrate, staff, students and friends surprised him with a parade.

“I did not expect this. I was actually cooking on the grill, and they told me. I heard horns blowing. They told me I need to come to the end of the driveway, and I did not expect this. This was a very big surprise,” Hollingsworth said.

He got his 100th win for the Tiger program after beating North Side High School 24 to 14. He says there is many people who have contributed to this amount of wins.

“I’ve surrounded myself with a great coaching staff, great family and a lot of wonderful players,” Hollingsworth said. “And it has helped get to this point.”

Aside from winning, he explained the importance of being there for the team.

“As a coach, you’re always second-secondary. It’s always about the guys you coach first, and you know, I think me and my coaching staff have always made that the biggest part of what we do, and that’s what we plan on continuing to do,” Hollingsworh said.

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He says he is there to make the players successful. He says anytime they succeed, he is more than happy for them.

“The future plan is to keep continuing to get the guys better and continue their success,” Hollingsworth said.

He said the surprise was in fact a big one. He says he is thankful for those who participated.

“I just wanna say go Tigers, and I appreciate the community of Lexington and all that they do for the Tiger program,” Hollingsworth said.

The Tigers’ next game is Friday against Crockett County.

Hollingsworth says he plans to keep raising the number of wins for the Lexington Tigers.

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