In-person classes return at Jackson-Madison County schools

JACKSON, Tenn. — It was one week ago that the Jackson-Madison County School System announced the return of in-person classes, after students had to switch to distance learning back in August.

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We spoke with Annie Jo, a parent who says she has a son in high school in Jackson, and a daughter who goes to school in Brownsville.

She says that the change back could mean their children get a proper education, since many parents might not be able to help with the remote learning.

“I’m not a technology person, period,” Jo said. “And so the struggle was especially with getting the videos going. The stress having to worry about the children failing, the stress on the parent, tutors.”

Tuesday is a big day for high school seniors that makes the transition back to in-person timely.

During a live Facebook interview on Monday, Greg Hammond, chief of staff and public information for the district, talked with Karin Eason of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. She is an Advise TN college adviser at Liberty Tech.

With in-person classes being staggered, which will vary per grade level, one day this week will solely be for high school seniors to take the exam.

“Tuesday, tomorrow is ACT day, so seniors may feel like, ‘ehh, I’m not going to college. I’m not going to show up to take the ACT.’ That might be a bad idea,” Hammond said.

“The ACT in the State of Tennessee is required for graduation,” Eason said. “Now there’s no minimum score, but you have to take the ACT in order to get your high school diploma.”

The schedule Monday only allowed small groups for Pre-K students, only 6th grade students for middle schools, and 9th and 10th grade for high school students.

“I feel like it’s a good thing, they need their social life. Just getting out there and just getting a breath of fresh air. I think it’s good,” Jo said.

Not all students are required to attend in person. All standard 5-day a week classes should be back after fall break.

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