Farmers market hosts free face mask distribution

JACKSON, Tenn. — The West Tennessee Farmers Market partnered with the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department, giving away free reusable face masks, making sure the residents are well prepared for COVID-19.

Face Mask

“To protect themselves, protect their families, and to protect the community,” said Bruce Bond, Director of West Tennessee Farmers Market.

Those were the three things Bond says residents should do during COVID-19.

“Well just being part of the community, giving back to the community and showing Jacksonians that we really care about them,” Bond said.

These were not just regular masks, they were free washable cloth face masks that people can reuse, and cars lined up in hopes of receiving them. 

One resident, Selester Sampson, says she wanted to get a mask to keep herself and her community protected in the midst of the pandemic.

“I just think that community involvement is very important,” Sampson said. “People come together and assist each other, it kind of gives the community a better appreciation.” 



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