MyRide West Tennessee seeks volunteers in Hardin County

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — MyRide West Tennessee is wanting you to crank up the engine and start driving in Hardin County.

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“We’re already in Henderson County and Madison County. Our third county to crank up is Hardin County,” Angie Scott, MyRide coordinator for Henderson County.

But you can’t give seniors rides without having volunteers. So Tuesday, MyRide held a drive-thru event with other organizations to recruit drivers.

“We have to have ten volunteers here,” Scott said. “All we’re asking is three hours a month, that’s all we’re asking of you. Most rides average three hours, but that’s what we ask, for you to give three hours a month.”

All of the rides stay in the county, and you pick which ones you want to do.

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To drive, you have to be at least 21-years-old and have a vehicle. MyRide also performs a background check on potential drivers.

“We take seniors 60 and older to doctor’s offices, we go to the grocery store, might just go out to eat,” Scott said.

Giving senior citizens their sense of independence back, and creating new friendships in the process.

“We’re giving from the heart. These seniors are so thankful for our program. They don’t know what they would do without our program,” Scott said.

There are some safety measures taken. Everyone has to wear a mask, and riders must sit in the backseat of the vehicles.

MyRide West Tennessee is a non-profit.

To apply to ride or drive, click here or call (844) 803-0169.



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