Educator of the Week: Teresa Carothers

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — It’s time to recognize this week’s Educator of the Week, brought to you by the Tennessee Lottery.

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When Teresa Carothers was a student, she said she had a hard time with math, so it may be surprising to hear she’s been teaching that subject for several years now.

Carothers had taken her struggle and turned it into a passion.

“I always had to work at my math, but I enjoyed figuring it out because it was like a puzzle,” she said. “So it was a challenge, and I loved it when I figured it out. And I would help my friends. They would be stuck on stuff, and I would help them, and that was just so rewarding to me.”

Carothers has been a math teacher at Hardin County High School for her whole teaching career.

“I just got to thinking the other day, it’s crazy that I’ve been in this building for 28 years. You know it’s changed and education has changed, but it’s just kind of crazy to think how that time has gone,” Carothers said.

Of course she’s seen many changes in the curriculum and teaching environment over the years, especially with technology. What hasn’t changed is her love for her students.

“I loved the math. I have always loved math, but it wouldn’t be any fun without my kids. So enjoy what you’re doing, but know it’s going to take time and you need to be dedicated to it,” Carothers said.

She says she had some teachers in her life who inspired her journey into education. Now, it’s her impact as a teacher that’s being noticed with her students, both current and former.

“They get back in touch with me and they say, ‘Thank you, cause I’m where I need to be, and you pushed us and you were hard. We thought it was awful at the time, but we’re so glad you did,'” Carothers said.

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