Old Country Store brings back buffet

JACKSON, Tenn. — Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store buffet is reopening and celebrating 55 years of serving West Tennessee.

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Thursday morning, the family-owned business reopened its buffet after being closed for six months in response to COVID-19.

The new buffet will feature eight meats, 12 vegetables, four breads, four desserts and six soups, plus an all new fall and winter menu.

The Old Country Store has also lowered prices at select meal times due to people facing challenges this year.

Manager Brooks Shaw says the staff has implemented additional safety precautions. He says they will continue to sanitize the dining and service areas with masks on.

“We feel like the public overwhelmingly spoke that they want the buffet, and we have done everything we can to figure out how to provide what they want in a safe atmosphere,” Shaw said.

To find more information on the Old Country Store’s buffet menu, store times and safety guidelines, visit its Facebook page or website.

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