WRAP aims to reach abuse victims during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

JACKSON, Tenn. — If you see a lot more purple around town, take note. It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the local organization WRAP wants everyone to know it.

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“More often than not, people will come into the office to receive services, and they will say ‘I didn’t even know you guys existed,'” said Lynnsey Park, WRAP’s domestic violence response manager.

WRAP representatives, along with representatives of West Tennessee Legal Services, met with Jackson Mayor Scott Conger Tuesday, when he declared October 2020 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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It’s an annual tradition for cities across the region to recognize it.

Throughout October, WRAP will have plenty of events to reach out to those who may be in abusive situations, even if they do have to go fully virtual.

“We’re doing a lot of Q and A’s with our district attorney’s office, with our sheriff’s departments,” Park said. “What does it look like when I file for an order of protection, or what does it look like if an abuser has been arrested, so forth and so on.”

The pandemic has limited their face-to-face interactions, and now more than ever they need victims to know their resources.

“Our crisis calls have quadrupled since the coronavirus,” said Deborah Brackins, WRAP’s regional domestic violence response specialist.

“We are used to being able to sit right next to somebody, and talk to them compassionately, and emotionally about everything that they have been through. And now we can’t necessarily do that,” Park said.

If you’re wanting to make a difference right now, you can help contribute to their clothing closet, which provides clothes, toys and other items to victims and their children.

So while COVID-19 changed the plans, it hasn’t changed their goals.

“Last year, 85 people passed away from domestic homicide in the state of Tennessee,” Park said. “That’s not a number we want to reach every year, we want to see lower and lower numbers.”

For the latest events and updates from WRAP, click here.

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