Voters head to the polls for second day of early voting

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Thursday was the second day of early voting in West Tennessee, and many voters are making their voices heard.


In Chester and Henderson counties, many voters decided to wake up early to make their way to the voting booth. There were long lines at the Henderson County Election Commission, with many people waiting to vote.

“Because I wanted to make sure my vote gets in early,” said Henderson County voter Ronald Shafer.

Henderson County voter Pat Rosson says it’s important to cast your vote no matter who you vote for.

“This year is a very critical year to vote. Whichever side you vote for, just make your voice known,” Rosson said.

While the lines were long in Henderson County, the line was moving a little faster in Chester County.

Chester County voter Charles Mathas says early voting means having a chance to make sure your voice is heard.

“It’s a duty and a privilege to vote, and we always vote early. We want to make sure we vote,” Mathas said.

Some voters say it’s a yearly tradition for them to come out early and cast their vote in order to avoid the long lines.

Early voting continues through October 29. Voters will also have the chance to voice their opinion on Election Day, which is November 3.

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