Officials discuss thefts, vandalism of political signs

JACKSON, Tenn. — Multiple counties in West Tennessee are investigating thefts or vandalism of presidential campaign signs.

Sign Thefts

“What people need to realize in stealing these things is that sometimes we catch people by cameras,” Crockett County Sheriff Troy Klyce said.

So far, incidents have been reported in Crockett County, Gibson County, and Henderson County.

“People pulled up the Biden sign, and we had one incident where a sign was burned,” Thomas Jefferson, the chairman of the Henderson County Democratic Party, said.

Trenton Mayor Ricky Jackson says there are more signs for one party in Trenton being stolen or damaged.

“Most of the signs have been Democratic signs. We have had an occasion or two where a Republican sign has been taken, but it has been more Democratic signs than Republicans,” Mayor Jackson said.

Investigations are ongoing in each of these locations.

If you have information on the vandalism or theft of political signs, call your local police department or sheriff’s office.

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