Local church recognizes local first responders

JACKSON, Tenn. — All Jackson and Medina first responders were invited out for a chance to come together and enjoy some delicious food.


“We can’t imagine society without authority and protection from the police, so we just started talking about it and said, ‘Hey we should have dinner for them and just honor them,” said volunteer Tina Norwick.

Thursday evening, Norwick and many other volunteers hosted a First Responders Dinner at Woodland Baptist Church in Jackson.

“I hope they feel loved and know that people love them, and we don’t want to defund them. God loves them, we love them, and we just want them to know that,” Norwick said.


Tyson Foods, the Food Giant in Medina, and numerous people chose to help by donating food and cash for the Holy Smokers to prepare a great meal. However, the church offered more than just food.

“We have a prayer station because some of them might need prayer and want prayer for situations in their lives,” Norwick said.

Local first responders say they are thankful for the community’s support.


“It makes us feel really good just to know the community is behind us, and to know they support us no matter what, in good times and in bad,” said Jackson Firefighter Dallas Rush. “And right now, with COVID and everything, it’s just good to be out mixing with the community again.”

Rush says coming together truly makes a difference.

“There’s a lot of division in the country right now, and anytime we can get together in fellowship, it makes it warm. It’s just really nice and comforting,” Rush said.

Volunteers at the dinner say they hope they’re able to lift spirits and honor the first responders with a short break and a good meal.

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