Car crashes into pond in Gibson County, driver missing

RUTHERFORD, Tenn. — Search and rescue teams from multiple counties were on Joe Patterson Road in Rutherford Wednesday morning, after a report of a car crashing into a pond.

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“Car was in the pond, he was out about 20-25 foot in the pond, and it was laying on the passenger side,” said Gibson County Fire Department Chief Bryan Cathey.

The crash happened early Wednesday morning. Gibson County Sheriff Paul Thomas says one of his deputies was patrolling in the area, and briefly followed a car to get its tag number.

“He felt like the vehicle was making a couple of sudden, abrupt turns, in an effort to get him out from behind him, to elude him maybe. No pursuit, no high speed, nothing like that,” Sheriff Thomas said.

Shortly after the car made a turn down a different road, the deputy circled back to the area and saw the car, partially submerged in the pond.

“He took his gun belt off, and his boots, and he jumped in the pond to make sure there was no one in the car,” Sheriff Thomas said.

The deputy was not injured.

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Despite a grid search of the pond, search and rescue teams were unable to find the driver of the car, but authorities say the vehicle did not belong to the person they believe was driving.

“He could’ve crawled out of the car and fled the scene, like I said we are checking to find out,” Chief Cathey said.

“It is my understanding that they saw some foot tracks around the pond bank, that they think might have been his,” said Sheriff Thomas.

Sheriff Thomas says that he is not aware of any warrants for the driver’s arrest at this time.

Thomas says they believe they know who the driver is, but have not released that person’s name.

Crews searched the area for about six hours, but were unable to locate anyone.

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