Jackson Fire Department continues 150-year-old tradition with new truck

JACKSON, Tenn. — Over at Fire Station 3 in east Jackson, it’s out with the old — and in with the new.

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Above is the 2020 Pierce Impel Pumper, the newest fire engine in the Jackson Fire Department’s fleet.

To welcome it into the fleet, the fire department continued a 150-year-old tradition that started all the way back when fire trucks were still pulled by horses.

“After the fire, when they would arrive back to the station, the horses couldn’t push the steam engine into the fire house,” said JFD Chief Darryl Samuels.

Deputy Fire Chief Don Friddle gave the front a quick wash, and then the firefighters at the station came up and gave it a good scrub.

“A number of the guys stayed over from their going off shift to aid in this ceremony,” Samuels said.

Finally, the hard part: the firefighters got together and pushed the fire truck into the station, just like old times.

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“They would unhook the horses, wash down the steam engine, and then push the steam engine in by hand,” Samuels said.

The upgrades aren’t just cosmetic. Improvements like the ones with this fire engine can improve response times and help firefighters when they actually get to a scene.

“That enables us to carry more equipment, tools, and appliances,” Samuels said.

The final part of the ceremony was a prayer.

Now, the station has a brand new truck that could help save lives.

The engine is the first in a string of new equipment for the Jackson Fire Department.

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