Local farm hosts family fest

TOONE, Tenn. — It’s the last day of fall fun at the Falcon Ridge Farm in Hardeman County and many families are taking advantage of popular activities such as a pumpkin patch and petting zoo.


Bart Gilmer, the co-owner of Falcon Ridge Farms, says this event has been a major part of the farm and expressed the importance of creating it.

“This will be either our 11th or 12th year doing this and it’s a really big part of our income for the entire year. It’s very important to us,” said Gilmer.

Gilmer says even though we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, the event is no different from previous years. They are making sure to social distance and with a few changes on the farm.

“A few of the basic things like the glass dividers at the cash register and we did not open the corn maze,” said Gilmer. “It was one of the things we didn’t know how to come up with a plan to keep it sanitized,” said Gilmer.

Gilmer said just like other businesses, COVID-19 may have brought challenges, but the customers were understanding with great outcome.

The farm plans to have more events leading up to Christmas time adding more fun-filled activities.

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