Madison Co. Democratic, Republican Parties encourage final push to polls

JACKSON, Tenn. — On the day before the presidential election, both the Republican and Democratic parties in Madison County are using last minute strategies to encourage voters to vote.

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“We’re using social media and asking voters to not take anything for granted,” said Larry Lowrance, chairman of the Madison County Republican Party.

“Voter registration drives within college campuses, and we had them also at local businesses,” said Jerome Cephus III, chairman of the Madison County Democratic Party.

Both parties have put out signs, organized parades, and held other events leading up to the election.

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However, they both believe these things are important during this time, but what’s more important is the sacrifice, giving encouragements to the community on why the their efforts will still be worth it no matter the results.

“Hopeful we can all come together as American citizens and unify around the things that unite us, as oppose to divide us,” Cephus said.

“Both sides can’t win, but whoever wins will represent all of us, so if the Democratic wins, I pray for them, and if Republican wins, I pray for them,” Lowrance said.

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