Residents discuss voting in Gibson County

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Gibson County voters didn’t have to wait long Tuesday to cast their ballots.

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“Early voting was a lot larger. We did, in a two week period, almost 7,000 people here in Medina, and today it’s been very slow, but this afternoon, around middle afternoon, it will really get busy up until closing time at 7 p.m.,” Austin Tyner, registrar of elections in Medina, said.

“I think early voting, everybody was wanting to get their vote in and make sure it counted and, from what I’ve seen, 49 percent of the country have already voted before today,” Charlie Jetton, Milan registrar of elections said.

Medina resident Nicholas Latta says he just celebrated his 19th birthday and says this is the perfect election to be a first-voter.

“In the world today, there’s a lot of people’s opinions and if you don’t go out and vote for your opinion I don’t think you’re really trying to make a change,” Latta said.

Milan voter Carley Coley has multiple sclerosis, and normally isn’t able to leave her home on a regular basis.

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She says this was a day she had to get out and make her voice.

“A lot of people died so that people can vote, and I’ve always voted at almost every election that I was able to and I think this is just as important because it says what the people want for the future,” Coley said.

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