JMCSS Board meets at work session to discuss monthly topics

JACKSON, Tenn. — Board members with the Jackson-Madison County School System met for a work session Monday evening to discuss a number of topics.

JMCSS Chief of Staff Greg Hammond says the discussion of the lawn care contract and maintenance was one of the most spirited conversations of the night.

“I think one of the reasons the school board is so passionate about that is because when people pass by our schools they see the condition they are in and they want that yard to look good,” Hammond says.

The board members expressed that this is something they care a lot about, so superintendent Dr. Marlon King plans to look at the contract.

“He wants to take that away from something that’s being outsourced to bring it back under the district umbrella,” Hammond said.

Another main topic was an insurance increase by 2 percent. Hammond says the teachers will not have to worry about that increase because the district is taking it upon themselves.


“With the insurance going up by 2 percent, but the district stepping in to take on that cost, that’s a very tangible way Dr. King is proving he wants to invest in people,” Hammond said.

Board member Shannon Stewart also voiced her opinion of Dr. King keeping his promise to invest in the people.

“I do want to say thank you for making good on your promise to invest in our people because I think that’s something that’s important and that’s what’s going to carry us through this pandemic,” Stewart said.

Board members then discussed their teachers taking on the challenge of educating students safely. In fact, Madison County’s teacher absences are lower this year compared to last year.

“Even though the challenges are higher this year due to COVID-19 and safety precautions, obviously there’s high morale among our teachers because their coming to schools,” Hammond says.

Hammond also said the district is handling COVID-19 fairly well. He discussed how, if any student a part of the Jackson-Madison County School District is exposed to the virus, in-person or virtual, they have to include that in their numbers.

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