Bells Elementary students honor veterans with drive-thru celebration

BELLS, Tenn. — Bells Elementary School is giving service members a big “thank you” on this Veterans Day.

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They held a drive-thru celebration for veterans, complete with all branches of the military, lots of waving flags, and even a miniature president.

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To some kids, this may just be a classroom assignment or a simple gesture, but to the kids we spoke with, it meant much more.

“I actually want to be in the Army myself,” said Tucker Jordan.

“My grandpa, he fought in the Army, and he’s coming,” said Abigail Carr.

Fourth graders Tucker Jordan and Abigail Carr took part in the celebration. They’ve also spent time in class learning about what it means to serve our country.

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“It’s just really about the fact that these people love our country so much that they risked their lives for people in the future to have a wonderful life,” Jordan said.

“It seems hard, because the ones who fought for all the wars, they had to sacrifice for their family, had to sacrifice for people,” Carr said.

And their teacher, who served in the Marines himself, hopes they don’t ever take it for granted.

“In the past, our veterans and those currently serving provided the freedom and liberties that we enjoy,” said U.S. Marine Corps Retired Sergeant Keith Curl. “Just going down the road to enjoy a McDonald’s hamburger is a privilege that has been fought for. People served to give our children, our students, those privileges.”

Saying thank you to our past service members, and inspiring our future.

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